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Web Design

Custom design Web sites for virtually all types of businesses. Capabilities include: XHMTL, PHP/Mysql, Flash, Wordpress CMS development, E-commerce, administration back-end, Internet marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions, web site maintenance.

Graphic Design

By far the widest category, this includes brochures, posters, packaging and other printed materials. Projects can range from one-color fliers to intricate four-color-plus brochures, complete with die-cuts, embossing and other techniques to grab attention.

Identity / Branding

When I design your identity, I research; I question; I dig. Only then do I make the design—and I may even dig some more! In the end, the essence of your company will be distilled into a unique and memorable symbol that works across an array of mediums and is timeless in its design.


Kleanti proved very knowledgeable and was conversant with all of the various protocols involved. He has the technical ability as well as the design capability that we found necessary. We would definitely recommend her to firms needed to upgrade or design new web sites.

Anthony Lauren

I just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful work that you did on our new website. It was so nice to work with someone who could not only make the website meet our needs and function well but also be able to achieve the "graphic look" that we wanted. I have found that many web designers do a good job with the nuts and bolts of a site but they don't have the graphic eye that you do. What I really appreciated was that I could present an idea to you and you were able to take it a step further and make it even better. You have also made the site very user friendly on the back end so that I can upload, keyword and caption all of our own images with minimal effort. And most important, I always appreciated your positive, friendly and professional manner. It was a pleasure working with you and I have recommended you to many friends and clients.

Sharon Dahlquist

My Work

Who AM I?


Kleant Zogu loves to create style. This style to fit in the best possible clients. He is in pursuit step by step to the news about webdesign and graphic design. Kleanti has worked on many projects as a freelancer.Now he currently working as Designer at MasterALB Creative and he is very happy about that! If you want to know more about Kleanti, contact him.




MY Skills

  • Design 100%
  • HTML5 / CSS3 90%
  • Wordpress / CMS90%
  • jQuery80%
  • Search Engine Optimzation90%